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Touhy Park's 20th Anniversary - Sanford Challenge

Sanford Challenge (and Prize)


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Sanford Challenge (and Prize) for Touhy Park's 20th Anniversary
The 20th anniversary of Sanford’s George W. Touhy Park is Sept. 29, 2019.  The park is located at 601 Elm Ave.
The park has a walkway that winds between the trees that were planted as seedlings from Ellis Island, Mount Vernon, Williamsburg and other places around the nation.
Here’s your challenge: Start walking on the path wherever you choose. While walking a continuous forward route on the walkway, what is the maximum number of right 90-degree turns you can make without repeating one of the turns. You can travel over previously traveled sections of the path, but you can’t reverse course to go back over a section or repeat any of the previous turns.
The first person to correctly answer the challenge will win a $25 gift certificate generously offered by Maya Books & Music.
This challenge is being posted on several platforms around town, but to win the challenge you must send three things to SeminoleQ@aol.com
1. The maximum number of right turns possible. 
2. Either a photo of a map showing your route or a description specifically explaining your route.
3. Your name.
Each person participating can turn in one answer until Sept. 29, the anniversary. If there is a correct answer by then, it will be announced on the platforms that this puzzle was sent to. If nobody has submitted a correct answer by that date, each participant can submit one more new answer by Oct. 10. If no correct answer has been submitted by then, the challenge will end.

The park previously was known as Elm Avenue Park and was one of the original parks established soon after Sanford was incorporated Sept. 29, 1877. The park between Elm and Myrtle Avenues, and 6th and 7th streets was renamed in 1999 to honor Sanford businessman and community leader George Touhy. 
Have fun, learn about the historic trees and enjoy Touhy Park.
Let the challenge begin!

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