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Solar Trees at FT. Mellon Park

Sanford, Florida sunshine helping to power parts of FT. Mellon Park thru FPL SolarNow Program

Sanford, Florida Sunshine Helping to Power Parts of FT. Mellon Park thru FPL SolarNow Program

SolarNow Program (Solar Trees) at FT. Mellon Park with Charging Stations

The City of Sanford partnered with FPL to place solar trees in FT. Mellon Park in three locations around the playground area. The solar trees will provide some shading for the area and will provide power back to the main power panel located on the west side of the Park Ranger’s office.

FPL SolarNow™ is a community-supported solar program designed to provide customers with an easy way to help move solar energy forward in Florida. In May, 2015, FPL offered customers the option of voluntarily contributing an additional $9 per month on their bills to support solar in Florida. FPL selects communities with high voluntary participation and brings solar into those communities with small-scale solar installations like the solar trees.

A couple solar trees even have charging areas where the public can power their devices while their children and families use the park and it’s amenities. (The two smaller trees have two 110v outlets and two USB outlets under the small table mounted to the main support).


Ft Mellonw FPL SolarNow 2

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