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17-92 Beautification Project

The 17-92 roadway is one of Sanford’s primary, high-visible transportation arteries leading you straight to our historic downtown, beautiful waterfront and RiverWalk, all city amenities that attract visitors locally, nationally and internationally.

17-92 is in close proximity to the Orlando Sanford International Airport, with the airport’s 2.5 million passengers, they’re sure to use this street too. 17-92 is also a roadway Sanford’s residents are very familiar with, commuting about town, running errands and living life. This new streetscape only enhances what Sanford offers to the public.

The Seminole County 17-92 Community Redevelopment Agency approved the funding of a beautification project due to its relevance in benefiting an area of partial blight. This was a coordinated project between the county, city and Florida Department of Transportation.

The overall streetscape project is from Park Dr. to First St. incorporating safety and beautification features consisting of new, state of the art, high efficiency LED roadway lighting, replacing antiquated 1950’s street light poles and fixtures with decorative, historic style light poles. The overhead wires to the poles have been eliminated and fed underground. The crosswalks at the signalized intersections have been transformed with decorative thermo-plastic. The old grass utility strip between the back of the curb and the sidewalk have been replaced with brick pavers to give the road an historic look, as this roadway is the gateway into our historic downtown.

The goal of investing in the streetscape project is to attract new businesses to this area of 17-92. As a result, several businesses have been working on acquisitions in this area. These new prospects will put vacant buildings into service and generate tax revenue for the city. Due to this investment in Sanford, two gas stations were rehabbed. The old Army/Navy store, the old Scotty’s building, and the old furniture depot have either been rehabbed or are in the process of being purchased.
The project began in May of 2018 and is 90% complete. The project is scheduled to be complete mid-January 2019.

The funding was made possible by a grant from the Seminole County 17-92 CRA ($1.96 Million) and from the Third Generation One Cent Sales Tax ($1.2 Million). The total cost for the 17-92 Beautification project is $3.2 million.

One project at a time, Sanford is continuing to grow and continuing to shine!
Enjoy your beautified roadway Sanford residents and visitors. Happy and safe travels to you.