As of December 17, 2018, the City of Sanford implemented a new Online Application and Permit Processing System called Citizenserve. The Citizenserve portal allows for online submission of applications and permits, electronic plan submittal, inspection scheduling, and payment of required fees, as well as access to building permit information.


To access the Citizenserve Online Customer Portal, please click on the following link:


Fee Schedules

Building Permit Fees Effective February 2016

Police, Fire & Recreation Impact Fees Eff. September 1, 2018

2018 Building Valuation Table



Change of Use for Commercial Buildings

Limited Power of Attorney Form

Notice of Commencement

Owner Builder Statement

Pre-Power Application - Commercial

Product Approval Specification Form

Revision - Response to Comments Form 

Stocking and Training Permit Rev. 10.14

Temporary Underground Power Form - Residential


Submittal Requirements  - New Requirements

Aluminum Structures Checklist Rev. 8/17

Boat Dock-Boat Ramp Permit Checklist

Commercial Permit Checklist

Commercial Pool Permit Checklist

Commercial Roof Permit Checklist

Deck Permit Checklist

Demolition Permit Checklist

Doors - Windows Permit Checklist

Dumpster Enclosure Permit Checklist

Expired Permits - Permit Reinstatement

Fence - Commercial Permit Checklist

Fence - Residential Permit Checklist

Foundation Stabilization Permit Checklist

Generator Permit Checklist

Historic District - Window & Door Replacement

HVAC Permit Checklist

Manufactured Home Additions & Alterations Permit Checklist

Master File Permit Guidelines - Residential

Moved Building-Structure Permit Checklist

New Manufactured & Mobile Home Permit Checklist

Plumbing Grease Trap Permit Checklist

Residential Alteration Permit Checklist

Residential Infill Lot Requirements

Residential New Construction Permit Checklist

Residential Pool, Spa, Hot Tub Permit Checklist

Residential Re-Roof Permit Package

Shed-Gazebo Permit Checklist

Shed Affidavit 120 sq. ft. or less

Siding Permit Checklist

Slab Permit Checklist

Solar Heating Permit Checklist

Solar Photovoltaic Permit Checklist

Wall Permit Checklist 8/17