Electronic Plan Submittal Procedures

Electronic Plan Submittal Procedure


The City of Sanford is now using the Citizenserve Portal for all Building Permit Activity.

Please click on the link for access:  Citizenserve


1. Please log on to your account.  If you do not have an account, one will need to be created.

2. Follow all on-screen instructions and enter the required permit information. 

3. Upload your plan submittal documents in .pdf format.  No other format will be accepted. 

  • Naming Documents – Please follow the directions for naming each uploaded document:

    • Date: (MM.DD.YY) **This must be the first part of your document name**

    • Document Type: (Site Plan, Truss Engineering, etc)

    • Project Address (or project name if no address)

    • Example:  “04.15.19 Site Plan 4587 Orange Ave.pdf”

4. Once your submittal is complete, your permit will be routed for plan review. 

  • All applicable departments will perform a plan review.  Most reviews will be done concurrently.

  • Plan Review Comments will be emailed once all departments have completed their reviews. 

  • When resubmitting Answers to Plan Review Comments, please be sure to name the submittal documents appropriately

    • Example:  05.11.18 Building Plans 4587 Orange Ave Resubmittal 1.pdf”

5. Once your plans and permit package have been approved, you will receive a notification of fees due.

6. Once the required fees are paid, the permit will be issued and an approved set of electronic plans/documents will be available to you through the portal. 

7. The Contractor or Permit Applicant will be required to print out (1) set of building plans and supporting documents that will be used as a “Field Set”. 

  • Only the plans/documents with a City of Sanford approval stamp may be printed out as a Field Set to be used during inspections. 

  • Inspections will not be conducted using documents that do not include the approval stamp. 

8. If Revisions are required once the project has started, the submittal and review process will be conducted in the same manner. 

  • Please remember to name the Revision file appropriately

    • Example: “12.29.18 Energy Calcs 1234 Park Ave Revision 1.pdf”