City Attorney

City Attorney


William L. Colbert
City Attorney

300 International Parkway
Suite 100 
Lake Mary, Florida 32746

Phone Number: (407) 322-2171
Toll Free Phone Number: (800) 247-5225
Facsimile Transmittal Number: (407) 330-2379


The City Attorney, is a City officer of City Government under the City Charter of the City of Sanford (as are the City Manager and City Clerk) and is selected by and directly serves the City Commission. The City Attorney serves as legal adviser, attorney, and counselor for the City and all its officers, employees, boards and committees in matters relating to their official duties.

The City Attorney:

• Prepares contracts, bonds and other legal instruments for the City.
• Prepares ordinances and resolutions for action by the City Commission.
• Represents the City in legal proceedings.
• Provides legal opinions on any question of law relating to the City.
• Coordinates legal services relative to all aspects of City government.
• Provides legal leadership, subject to policy direction of the City Commission.
• Performs other professional legal services as mandated by law.

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