Mayor's Youth Council (2015-2018)

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Florida League of Cities Announces Winners 2016 Youth Council Video Competition - Sanford takes 5th place!

Florida League of Cities Announces Winners 2017 - Video Competition, Sanford Takes 2nd Place!

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Mayor Jeff Triplett, in a Resolution, formed the Mayor’s Youth Council on May, 20, 2015. The Youth Council is comprised of 12 students who live and attend high school in Sanford. All students are open to apply at both of Sanford’s high schools, Crooms Academy of Information Technology and Seminole High School. The 12 students, who comprise the Mayor’s Youth Council, were chosen by their schools to participate.

Youth Councils are an excellent means of vesting youth with the knowledge, skills and abilities in civic matters. Youth Councils promote regular and active civic engagement among youth.

“I am looking forward to this new endeavor for the City of Sanford. Engaging and investing in the next generation by educating them in the importance of civic involvement is integral to the future of our community. These students are willing and eager participants. I think the Youth Council students provide a great foundation of our future leaders”, said Mayor Triplett.

The goal of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to engage the youth of Sanford, to make recommendations to the City Commission on matters that affect this demographic and ultimately every citizen. The Council will pick projects/initiatives to work on that aligns with the City of Sanford’s Mission and Vision, involving them in the policy-making process.

“What an amazing opportunity Mayor Jeff Triplett is providing for our students. This will provide these students with an up close and personal view of government at work! We’re excited for this Youth Council, and so appreciative of the opportunity given Sanford’s students”, said Dr. Connie Collins, Principal, Seminole High School.

"Participating in the Youth Council allows students to become invested in their local government while giving them the opportunity to experience first-hand the impact they can have on the community they live in. This experience will help promote positive youth involvement and set the standard for future community service", said Dr. Demetria Hayes, Principal Crooms Academy of Information Technology.

School Representatives
Latonya Thomas, Dean of Students, Seminole High School
Lindsay Olevitch, Teacher, Crooms Academy of Information Technology
City Staff Liaison
Lisa Holder, Communications Officer

2017-2018 Council Members:
Crooms Academy of Information Technology
Alyssa Brown, 10th grade 
Eric Byers, 12th grade 
Travis Davis (returning member), 11th grade 
Jasmine Flowers, 12th grade 
Keishawn Hillery, 12th grade 
Richard Krug, 12th grade

Seminole High School
Jandrick Castro, 12th grade
Devshri Doshi, 12th grade (returning member)
Tiron Dillon Jules II, 12th grade, (returning member)
Amon McKinney, 11th grade
Stone Posley, 12th grade
Alyssa Seabury, 10th grade

MYC 17-18
MYC At Veterans Event

Mayors Youth Council Photo
MYC 2017-2018 members volunteering at the June 28 City and County 3rd Annual Veterans Appreciation Luncheon.

The Youth Council is scheduled to meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 3:30 pm in the Mayor's Youth Council Office, City Hall, 300 N. Park Ave. Sanford, FL 32771.

(2017-2018 Council Initiatives will be updated soon)

2016-2017 Initiatives

Job Fair
The 2nd Annual Mayor’s Youth Council Job Fair is scheduled for March 4th, 2017. The purpose of the job fair is to pair local businesses with community members seeking employment. This year, the job fair is also looking to help local youth find employment.
Boys and Girls Club The Sanford Mayor's Youth Council plans to work with the west side Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida at least once a month. We hope working with the Boys and Girls Club will make a difference and help the members learn what they love to do in life.
Peace The Mayor's Youth Council believes that now more than ever, we must come together as a community to create peace and spread the message of non-violence. For this reason, we created the Peace Initiative. Thus far, we have successfully completed a walk down Riverwalk in support of peace, and we are continuing to team up with the Boys and Girls Club of Sanford in hopes of spreading this very important message.
The homeless initiative aims to help the less fortunate members of the Sanford community. It aims to provide people with basic necessities by working in unison with local business who support the Youth Council.


Celebrating the 2015 Florida League of Cities Govt. Week Introduction of Mayor's Youth Council at a Seminole High School football game.

FLC Govt. Week At Seminole HS

2015 Florida League of Cities Govt. Week "Walk and Learn" with Mayor Triplett and the Mayor's Youth Council. Getting fit and learning about local government at the same time...

FLC Govt. Week  2015 Walk and Learn

The Mayor's Youth Council gets sworn in.

Youth Council

2015-2016 Mayor's Youth Council (Inaugural Class)

Mayor's Youth Council

Event photos:

Youth Council at Vietnam Veteran Luncheon July

Youth Council volunteering and attending the 1st Annual Sanford/Seminole County Veterans Appreciation Day honoring Vietnam Veterans on July 1, 2015.

Youth Council with Barry Cotton of Congressman Mica's office
Youth Council with Barry Cotton, representing Congressman John Mica's office at the First Annual Vietnam Veterans Appreciation Luncheon, July 1, 2015.