Mayor's Youth Council

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General Information:

Mayor Jeff Triplett, in a Resolution, formed the Mayor’s Youth Council on May, 20, 2015. The Youth Council is comprised of 12 students who live and attend high school in Sanford. All students are open to apply at both of Sanford’s high schools, Crooms Academy of Information Technology and Seminole High School. The 12 students, who comprise the Mayor’s Youth Council, were chosen by their schools to participate.

The goal of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to engage the youth of Sanford, to make recommendations to the City Commission on matters that affect this demographic and ultimately every citizen. The Council will pick projects/initiatives to work on that aligns with the City of Sanford’s Mission and Vision, involving them in the policy-making process. 

Council Members:

School Representatives
Latonya Thomas, Dean of Students, Seminole High School
Lindsay Olevitch, Teacher, Crooms Academy of Information Technology
City Staff Liaison
Lisa Holder, Communications Officer

2018-2019 Council Members:
Crooms Academy of Information Technology 
Alex Quach, 12th grade
Alyssa Brown, 11th grade
Autumn Crockett, 12th grade
Nadia Gordon, 10th grade
Shiloh Fink, 12th grade
Travis Davis (President), 12th grade

Seminole High School
Alice Abia Okon, 11th grade
Cynthia Brea, 12th grade
Emily Connell, 11th grade
Indigo Silva, 11th grade,
Zarif Ceaser, 11th grade

2018 - 2019 Initiatives:

By planting a garden along with participating in various environmental cleanup events, the Youth Council hopes to maintain Sanford's beautiful environment.
Boys and Girls Club The Sanford Mayor's Youth Council plans to work with the west side Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida at least once a month. We hope working with the Boys and Girls Club will make a difference and help the members learn what they love to do in life.
College/Career Fair The College and Career Fair is meant to help high school students develop career skills such as conducting interviews alongside exposing them to colleges that can help prepare for their future careers.