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Andrew Thomas


 Email:                               Andrew.Thomas

 Phone:                                  407.688.5132

Andrew Thomas has worked for the City of Sanford since March of 2010 when he was hired as the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Coordinator. As the CDBG Coordinator he was responsible for coordinating the submission of the City of Sanford’s CDBG Five-Year Consolidated Plan that completed the City’s requirement for Entitlement Community Status for the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Prior to joining the staff Andrew was an independent consultant on several projects for the City of Sanford Police Department.

Andrew has 35 years of experience working in executive level management positions. This includes years of experience in program development, community and strategic planning, crime prevention planning, as well as organization and board development. Andrew’s career includes 5 years as President of his consulting business, ALT Associates; 26 years as Executive Director of the Center for Dispute Settlement a nonprofit corporation that was responsible for services in a ten county region of Western New York and four years as Director of Human Services Planning for the City of Rochester NY. Also, Andrew was a consultant/instructor for the University of Maryland Legacy Leadership Institute on Fundraising for Nonprofits where he conducted classes on Best Practices for Community Mediation Centers and Duties and Responsibilities of Non-Profit Board of Directors. For ten years Andrew was a member of the faculty of the United Way of Greater Rochester's African American Leadership Development Program. Andrew has worked with diverse populations and all levels of government designing peacemaking processes in New York State and Canada as well as having worked with delegations from Jerusalem, Nigeria, Australia and Russia. As a certified Transformative Mediation Trainer for the United States Postal Service, Andrew has trained human resources managers and mediators in Transformative Mediation throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. 

Andrew’s current certifications include Florida Supreme Court County Court Mediator and Trainer and Mediator for the United States Postal Service. Andrew is a member of several community development and conflict resolution organizations. During his career Andrew has received numerous local, state and national awards and special recognition for his work ethics, commitment, dedication and contribution to executive professionalism. Also, he has been recognized for promoting community relations, human rights, social justice and community peace building processes. Andrew has a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice from Rochester Institute of Technology and extensive graduate level work in Public Administration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.