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Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

HUD primary objectives of the NSP are to stabilize communities that have suffered from foreclosurehouse in Sanford and abandonment properties. This is accomplished by providing states and local governments, non-profits and consortiums of non-profits financial assistances to encourage programs to stabilize neighborhoods whose viability has been and continues to be damaged by the economic effects of properties that have been foreclosed upon and abandoned.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded the City of Sanford a three (3) year grant of $1,037,697.00 to implement the NSP-3 program; the three year period goes from March 2011 – March 2014. The $1,037, 697.00 is for the City of Sanford to acquire, rehabilitate and resale 12 foreclosed and or abandon properties and demolish ten (10) properties in the target area,

Eligible Uses:

 NSP3 funds may be used for activities which include, but are not limited to:  

  •   Establish financing mechanisms for purchase and redevelopment of foreclosed, short sale, or  abandoned homes and residential properties
  •  Purchase and rehabilitate homes and residential properties abandoned, foreclosed, or short sale
  •  Establish land banks for foreclosed homes
  • Demolish blighted structures Redevelop demolished or vacant properties 

 City of Sanford Program Uses:

 The City of Sanford NSP-3 grant stipulates the following eligible activities:

 Eligible Use B: Acquisition and Rehabilitation which includes purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed and abandoned properties for sale, rental or redevelopment.            

 Eligible Use D: Demolition of blighted structures

The target area for the NSP program is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Percentage of foreclosed homes
  2. Number of foreclosures started within the last year
  3. Number of properties with delinquent mortgages
  4. Number of vacant units
  5. Overall foreclosure need score

Based on the aforementioned criteria the NSP program will focus on properties in census tracts 0204.01 and 0203.02.

Sanford community rallies to help Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a very special woman.

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 For more information on the NSP-3 clink on the link below:

NSP3 Substantial Amendment

NSP3 1st Quarter Progress Report April 1 thru June 30 2011

NSP3 2nd Quarter Progress Report July 1 thru September 30 2011

NSP3 3rd Quarter Progress Report October 1 thru December 31 2011

NSP3 4th Quarter Progress Report January 1 thru March 31 2012

NSP3 6th Quarter Progress Report July 1 thru September 30 2012

Public Notice of Intent to Request a Release of Funds 11/26/12