Development Services

Darrel Presley, Executive Director of Development Services

Darrel Presley is a graduate of Rollins College with a Bachelors of Science and the University of Central Florida with a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. He has over 39 years of public service with the City of Sanford.  Mr. Presley is an active member of various organizations including the Florida Association of Code Enforcement and the Florida Public Pension Trustees Association.



 The purpose of the Development Services Department is to foster a comprehensive approach to City development and redevelopment issues, including planning, building and code enforcement functions.  The department has the overall responsibility of assuring the proper planning, development, safety and appearance of high-quality residential and business neighborhoods, as well as designing the transportation system to serve them, together with planning for a comprehensive system of open spaces and other enhancements to the City's image.  In combining these functions the division provides a direct process for residents and businesses by consolidation of the development review, permitting, and inspection functions.