What are E-Services?

E-Gov Services allow you to inquire about and/or pay your Utility bill on-line.

System Backups
Regularly scheduled system backups prevent E-Gov services from being available between the hours of 12:30 AM and 4:00 AM daily. Other periodic unscheduled outages will occur for system maintenance. We will make every attempt to notify the public of system unavailability.

Spam Filters
Many e-mail accounts with spam filters turned on are detecting the auto-reply for PIN verification as "suspected spam."

If you do not receive an auto-reply e-mail from the City of Sanford within a reasonable time (no more than 30 minutes), please call 407.688.5032 for assistance in completing your registration.

Payment Page Does Not Display
If you have attempted to access the "Pay Your Utility Bill" page, and Internet Explorer indicates that the page cannot be found, it is possible that you need to activate the TLS Security Protocol in Internet Explorer.

The TLS protocol can be found in Tools > Internet Options > Advanced, and then scroll down to find "Use TLS x.x". Be certain the the box is checked to activate the protocol, apply and click OK.

If you are having difficulty with this, feel free to contact Information Services at 407.688.5032.

AVS Errors
When attempting to make a payment for your Utility Bill, if you receive a message indicating that your transaction has been denied due to an AVS error, this indicates that there is an address mismatch between the address you entered for your card and the billing address on file for that card.

To minimize the possibility of and AVS error, be certain that you enter the correct billing address for your card. If your card is billed to a P.O. Box, you must only enter the box number in the street number field. Please be advised that when an AVS error occurs the City of Sanford has not received your payment and the amount of your attempted payment will be encumbered in your account and those funds will not be available to you until your bank removes them from pending status which could take several days.

Technical Difficulties
If you experience difficulties in communication, please contact the City of Sanford Information Technologies at 407.688.5032.