CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency)


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Our Mission and Vision

The Sanford Community Redevelopment Agency exists to revitalize and enhance the Sanford Downtown CRA District by strengthening economic vitality and livability.

For more information about the SCRA's programs and policies, please contact:

Sonia Fonseca, Executive Director
Sanford City Hall 300 N. Park Avenue, 2nd Floor
Phone: 407-562-2820 or 407-721-2612 (cell)


CRA VISION STATEMENT                               

  • A unique and vibrant place to live, work, play and visit.


  • Revitalize and enhance the CRA District by strengthening economic vitality and livability.


  • Aggressively pursue redevelopment/revitalization to enhance economic vitality and livability

  • Integrate the downtown-waterfront in function, activity and transportation

  • Improve CRA district conditions in both physical and social quality while preserving historical significance

The CRA Board works to execute the Community Redevelopment Plan which was established with the Agency in 1995, first updated in 2009 and updated again in 2015.  Below are PDF copies of the Community Redevelopment plan and updates.

The Redevelopment Plan is also supported and refined by the 2002 Downtown Master Plan developed by Glatting Jackson. A PDF copy of this document can be found at: 2002 Plan for Downtown Sanford


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