CRA Financial Information


The Sanford Community Redevelopment Agency (SCRA) adopts a budget annually. The annual budget is approved by the SCRA in July of each year after following the required Public Notice process. The budget is then incorporated into the City's annual budget and adopted by September of each year pursuant to the City's Public Notice process. Budgets can be amended from time to time. The following budgets are hereby made available to the public and will remain posted along with amendments for no less than two (2) years.


Adopted 2020 Budget                    CRA Budget 2020

Adopted 2019 Budget                    CRA Budget 2019                    

Adopted 2018 Budget                    CRA Budget 2017-2018


Amendments to the SCRA budgets are documented in ongoing meeting minutes. However, mid-year amendments are incorporated periodically and made available at the following links:




Taxable Values