Strategic Priorities

The City Commission recently adopted the Strategic Priorities, a summary of the "Imagine Sanford Initiative”. This document contains the City’s new vision and mission statements, and identifies four priority areas to guide the City of Sanford's work over the next couple of years.

By way of background, the City Commission created a Strategic Planning Steering Committee comprised of a diverse group of 13 City residents. Their charge was to provide guidance to the City Commission in developing vision and mission statements and strategic priorities for the City. The Committee met monthly and held two public input meetings. As a result of their efforts, the City Commission has established the following vision and mission statements:


Sanford is a significant cultural and business hub for the Central Florida region. With its showcase waterfront, extensive transportation network, distinctive cultural corridor and historic downtown, Sanford is a vibrant and safe City in which people choose to live, work, raise a family, attend school, shop, play and retire.


The City of Sanford is dedicated to the delivery of a high standard of service that cultivates a vibrant business and citizen partnership and fosters a well-connected, economically thriving community that celebrates its distinctive historical, natural, social and cultural character.

The four priority areas that were identified for the City to focus its efforts are:

  •  Unify Downtown and the Waterfront
  •  Promote the City’s Distinct Culture
  •  Update Regulatory Framework
  • Redevelop and Revitalize disadvantaged communities


These strategic priorities will be used to guide the City's work activities.

Strategic Plan Page 1

 Strategic Plan Page 2 & 3

Strategic Plan Page 4


Imagine Sanford-Community Visioning Project

 Steering Committee Members:

  • Margie Chusmir, Historic Sanford Welcome Center
  • Doug Groseclose, Sanford Beautification Committee
  • Robert Kinney, Historic Preservation Board
  • Chris McLeod (Chair), Historic Sanford Welcome Center
  • Gene Kruckemyer, resident
  • Sylvester Chang, Chamber of Commerce, Pension Board
  • Tom Ball, Orlando-Sanford Airport Board
  • Turner Clayton, Seminole County NAACP
  • Paul Benjamin, Central Florida Dream Center
  • Ada Reneau, Popular Community Bank
  • Steve Newton, Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Lindsay Oyewale, Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Thelma Mike, Good Samaritan for His Glory