Ms. Lindsay is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Accounting and a M.S.T. in Taxation. She is a Certified Public Accountant as designated by the State of Florida and a Certified Government Finance Officer as designated by the Government Finance Officers Association. She is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association(GFOA), the Florida Government Finance Officers Association, and the Central Florida Chapter of the Government Finance Officers Association and volunteers through the GFOA as a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report reviewer. Ms. Lindsay was appointed Director of Finance in October 2010.

Mission Statement

To demonstrate excellence in the level of financial services provided to our public customers, elected officials, and the City of Sanford and its departments, while maintaining prudent use of financial resources in compliance with all associated laws, regulations and policies.

Department Responsibilities

The Financial Services Department administers Accounting and Treasury functions, Debt Management, Financial, Grant Compliance, Budgeting, Purchasing, and Information Technology Services for all City departments.

Core Finance Duties

In its accounting and treasury, debt management, budgeting and financial and grant compliance capacities, the Finance Department must ensure complete and accurate accounting of all transactions, and reporting of all financial information in accordance with professional accounting standards and federal, state, and local laws. This division handles the payroll for all City employees, pays all invoices for goods and services used by City departments, records and tracks fixed assets, monitors grant funding and manages the City’s investing and borrowing activities. Finance also coordinates the Comprehensive Annual Finance Report, which is part of the City’s annual, independent audit process. The Finance department also assumed the duties of the Budget Department starting with fiscal year 2011 and as such administers the City’s budget process as well.


The Finance Department also includes the Purchasing division, which is responsible for managing the procurement process citywide, with the objective of providing the most cost-effective acquisition and delivery of all products and services. This includes the preparation and administration of bid proposals, review of all contracts for goods and services and oversight that the procurement process meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services division plans, coordinates and deploys all technology systems for the City, as well as providing ongoing management, monitoring, support and maintenance of the City’s central technology infrastructure. Currently the system supports over 500 employees, including computers, networking and network security, communications and wireless services. Information Services also manages the City’s telephone system and copying and scanning needs.

Detailed Listing of Current Services and Projects

* Contracted Services