Information Services


Welcome to the City of Sanford Information Services Division's home page.

While sometimes we are able to work directly with our citizens, primarily we work to help other employees better help our community. This is reflected in our mission statement as follows:

“Our mission as the City of Sanford’s Information Technology Services Division is to support the mission and goals of the City and its internal departments with timely, reliable, cost-effective technology services and to provide assistance and advice on its use.”

By focusing on our mission we hope to ensure our fellow employees possess the technological tools they need to service your requests. Whether you’re paying a utility bill online, scheduling a day at one of our parks, or receiving help from an emergency responder we understand how vital technology is to these services.   

What we Do

The Information Technology Division is responsible for installing and maintaining all of the City’s computers and the supporting infrastructure to include: Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Routers, Switches, Cell Phones, Desk Phones, Software Applications and more. The department suggests and pioneers new technology implementations that meet the goals and needs of the city, develops policies and procedures relating to technology, and trains employees on its use. The IT department also services the cities GIS needs, maintaining and working with GPS related data in order for city employees to understand this information as it relates to a location on a map.