General - Bid's, RFP, & RFQ

The Purchasing Division, in fulfillment of its responsibility to support the City's needs for goods and services is committed to continuing open communication with existing suppliers, seeking new sources of supply and to expand its vendor database. Therefore, this information is presented to provide the general public, contractors, and vendors with a guide to facilitate and encourage participation in the competitive process used by the City to obtain the supplies, equipment, and services necessary for the effective operations of the City.

The City of Sanford has selected VendorLink to provide web based services including electronic solicitation notifications, vendor database access, site maintenance for offerors to download Invitations for Bid (IFB), Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Statements of Qualifications, and informal bids, posting plan holder's lists, bid tabulations, etc. to fulfill the City’s responsibilities to provide information to the Public. The rapidly growing network of VendorLink users includes hundreds of agencies and offers significant advantages such as automatic and timely fax or e-mail notification of all solicitation opportunities and addenda relevant to the commodities or services offered by the member suppliers and contractors. VendorLink is the only automatic notification service used by the City.

Although strongly encouraged, subscribing to VendorLink is not a requirement for doing business with the City of Sanford. Solicitation information will be available, at no cost, by requesting the solicitation package directly from the City of Sanford Purchasing Office. Information about the solicitation may be found in one of the following ways:

  • Legal ad in local newspaper describing the solicitation, Usually on Sundays.
  • On the City's website under active solicitations. VendorLink offers suppliers and contractors a number of subscription options. Companies may sign up to receive solicitation notifications of opportunities relevant to that company's business from participating governmental agencies within a particular city, county, group of counties, state, group of states or nationally.  Membership is free to all vendors who subscribe to receive solicitation notifications only.