Overview and History of Sanford Fire Department

 The City of Sanford Fire Department is one of the oldest fire departments in the State of Florida consisting of three fire stations providing services to the City of Sanford and surrounding communities since 1873

Key Historical Dates:

1956-Central Fire Station, Station 31, (pictured below) was relocated from Palmetto Ave. to 1303 French Ave.

bishop block

1975- Fire Station 32 opened at 3770 Orlando Dr.

1991-Fire Station 38 opened at 1300 Central Park Dr.

Started providing advanced Life Support Services at Station 31 & 32

1997-Began providing emergency transports on Rescue 31 and Rescue 32

2000- Fire Prevention moved from Central Fire Station (Station 31) to City hall.

2002-Fully Staffed Tower 31

 Ladder Truck

2003- Fire Station 32 was relocated to 300 East Airport Blvd

2004- Fire/Dive Rescue Boat was placed in service at the Sanford Marina

2006- Rescue 38 was added to the fleet at Station 38

2010- Opened Police & Fire Public Safety Complex on Historic Goldsboro Blvd.

Station 31