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Pathways to History - Downtown Commercial Historic District

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Sanford’s Downtown Commercial Historic District includes 24 buildings that were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.  The tour has examples of various architectural styles dating from 1883 through 1925 and includes two buildings outside the district: The University of Central Florida Public History Center (former Student Museum) and the Hotel Forrest Lake. 

There were originally 26 buildings listed. The McQuaid Building was demolished and the Stone Gove was burned and demolished.

Click on the image or address of any of the 26 commercial buildings shown below for more information.

Click Here to view a map of the walking tour through the Downtown Commercial Historic District.


                                        DeForest Block - 121 East First Street                                                            McCrory 5 & 10 Building- 105 East First Street


                                    First National Bank No. 2- 101 East First Street                                                Henry B. Lord Building- 112 South Park Avenue


                                      First National Bank No. 1- 101 West First Street                                            Pico Block- 114 West First Street


             Pico Hotel, Restaurant, & Stores- 209 N. Oak Ave & 200 N. Park Ave                        Masonic Lodge #62- 212 North Park Avenue


                                      Brumley-Puleston Building- 100 East First Street                                            DeForest Building- 104 East First Street


                                     Rand Building- 108 East First Street                                              N.P Yowell & Garner Woodruff Buildings- 200 to 208 East First Street


                                      Meisch Building- 224 East First Street                                                                U.S. Post Office- 230 East First Street


                                         Bishop Block- 301 to 309 East First Street                                           Hester and Shepard Block- 109 South Palmetto Avenue

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                          E.E. Brady Livery Stable- 113 South Palmetto Avenue                                            Whalers Saloon- 112 South Palmetto Avenue


                                      Hotchkiss Block- 213 East First Street                                                    Peoples Bank Building and Block- 201 to 203 East First Street


                                 Sanford Herald Building- 107 South Magnolia Avenue                                Imperial Opera House- 119 South Magnolia Avenue


                                         Milane Theatre- 201 South Magnolia Avenue                                            Hill Hardware Building- 108 South Magnolia Avenue


                                        Sanford Museum- 520 East First Street                                                    Hotel Forrest Lake- 1000 East First Street