Pathways to History- Historic Parks

Paw Park

Paw Park was one of Sanford's original six parks established by E.R. Trafford on the plat of the city. The original name was Fourth Street Park.

The park became known as Jaycee Park in December 1957 when the park was leased to the local Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee). The Jaycees built a tourist information and recreational building in the park.

On May 5, 2001, the park was rededicated as Paw Park at a cost of $25,000. The effort to refurbish and repurpose the deteriorating Jaycee Park was led by a community group called Friends of Our Paw Park. The group initially raised $10,000 and continued to support improvements to the park over many years.
The park received national recognition as the first off leash dog park in Central Florida.


In 2006, Dog Fancy magazine ranked it as the #2 dog park in the United States. Following the hurricanes of 2004, the Friends of Our Paw Park helped to clear the park of fallen trees and found ways to incorporate some of the debris into play areas.

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