Old Sanford Residential Historic District - Copied

The Sanford Residential Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. There are 434 historic homes in the district, representing a number of different time periods and architectural styles. The buildings within the district were primarily constructed during the city’s historic period of prominence as an agricultural and transportation center.

Sanford was built on a grid plan with numbered east-west streets and land set aside for parks, churches, and schools. Residential neighborhoods were south of the waterfront commercial district, away from the threat of flood and disease.

The Residential Historic District tour was created by the Sanford Historic Trust, financed in part with historic preservation grant assistance provided by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Division of Historical Resources, Florida Department of State, assisted by the Historic Preservation Advisory Council. The homes in this tour represent a small sampling of the many historic homes within the district.

The tour is a loop that begins and ends at the University of Central Florida Public History Center (former Student Museum) with an extension out to Hopper Academy, the first school for African Americans in Seminole County. View a map of the tour Here.


Click the image or street address below for more information about each of the locations.


            00- 301West 7th Street                            01- 615 South Myrtle Ave                           02- 603 South Myrtle Ave                           03- 608 South Elm Ave


            04- 618 South Oak Ave                             05- 612 South Oak Ave                            06- 608 South Oak Ave                                 07- 600 South Oak Ave


            08- 500 Oak Ave                                        09- 420 Oak Ave                                         10- 401 South Park Ave                                 11- 305 Park Ave


         12- 407 South Magnolia Ave                     13- 419 Magnolia Ave                                 14- 506 Palmetto Ave                             15- 519 Palmetto Ave


       16- 601 South Magnolia Ave                    17- 715 South Magnolia Ave                    18- 717 South Magnolia Ave                    19- 818 Magnolia Ave


           20- 908 South Magnolia Ave                 21- 1019 South Magnolia Ave                        22- 117 West 10th St                             23- 919 South Park Ave


        24- 823 South Park Avenue                            25- 902 South Oak Ave                        26- 801 South Park Ave                        27- 717 South Park Ave


                28- 708 South Park Ave                            29- 621 South Park Ave                                30- 702 South Oak Ave                            31- 708 South Oak Ave

32_Oak70933_Oak71434_Oak718Student Museum

                32- 709 South Oak Ave                            33- 714 South Oak Ave                             34- 718 South Oak Ave                        35- 1101 South Pine Ave