Vanished Sanford

The Vanished Sanford series was designed to raise awareness regarding the importance of historic preservation in Sanford, Florida. All buildings in the series have been lost for various reasons, ranging from demolition, to fire, and lack of maintenance leading to collapse. Many locations of Vanished Sanford buildings were left undeveloped after loss of the building, or developed as parking lots, leaving a void in the urban fabric. The series hopes to raise support for historic preservation in Sanford, to ensure protection of one of the city’s biggest assets – its historic structures. Vanished Sanford is supported by the City of Sanford Historic Preservation Board and the Sanford Museum.

Click below to view Vanished Sanford buildings.


            City Hall                                                                              The McLander Arcade



                              Seminole High School                                                         The Welbourne Block/Valdez Hotel