What Can I Do to Protect My Home?

Though we can install the most high-tech alarm system ever made, if a person really wants to break in, they will find a way.  We can’t always prevent a crime from occurring, but we can take steps to deter it from happening.  So, how do we become less of a target?

1)      Get to know your neighbors. 

Verbally share your work schedules and vacation schedules.  Let each other know whether or not a specific vehicle should be in your driveway when you are away.

2)      If you have a house alarm, set it.

Many times, officers have responded to residential, or commercial, burglaries and the alarm wasn’t set or working properly.  Check your alarm frequently, and turn it on every time you leave the house.  You can also buy audible “trip” alarms so it sets off an ear-piercing noise if a door or window are breached, without having to pay a monitoring service.  You never know when someone is watching, and waiting, for you to leave to commit a crime in your home.

3)      Ensure all doors, windows, and garages are secured.

Criminals look for easy access, and by leaving any door unsecured, you have now assisted in your home becoming a target for unlawful acts. Always make sure the door leading into the house from the garage is locked, as well! If, for some reason (because it has happened), your garage door opens in the middle of the night, persons will not have easy access to enter your home.

4)      Do not leave any valuables in view of open curtains.

If you are not home, close the blinds or curtains which would otherwise “showcase” your flat-screen TV, or laptop.  Don’t entice a criminal by showing the “goods.”

5)      Trim all hedges and trees.

If you have hedges around windows, or doors, which rise 4-feet or higher, you may want to consider trimming them down. Why? A person can use these as a form of concealment, especially if the foliage is covering up a window.

If neighbors work together and “watch out “ for one another, it can help deter criminal activity from occurring where you live.

If you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, don’t wait to see what they do, call 911 NOW!