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The Sanford Police Department Sworn and Civilian personnel submit police reports usually by the end of their daily shifts. Police reports need to be approved by the supervisors before they can be released to the general public. Certain Police reports are submitted to special divisions for further investigation. Additionally, some reports are exempt from public records per F.S.S. 119 and some redactions will have to be made before making the report available to the public.

The hours of operation for the Sanford Police Department's Records Division, located in the Public Safety Building, are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  


You may request records from the Sanford Police Department Records Unit in the following ways:

  •  Email Police Records
  • By mail to: Sanford Police Department, Attn: Records Unit, 815 Historic Goldsboro Blvd, Sanford FL, 32771
  • In person in lobby of the Public Safety Building located at 815 Historic Goldsboro Blvd, Sanford FL, 32771

When requesting a report in-person or by mail, having a case number, victim/ defendant’s name or location would help us better research the case and it will reduce your waiting time.

Sanford Police Department Custodian of Records

Mandy Minnetto - Records Supervisor

815 Historic Goldsboro Blvd, Sanford FL, 32771

Email: Mandy Minnetto

Phone: 407-688-5070


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Please Note: Any requests which take longer than 20 minutes will require a service charge which is determined by an hourly rate.  Any requests that have a cost associated will require a deposit or full estimate prior to the request being fulfilled. 


Item  Costs
 One-Sided Copies  $.15 Each
 Two-Sided Copies   $.20 Each
 Over Sized Copies   Actual Cost
 Audio Copies   Actual Cost
 CD  Actual Cost


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For all driver exchange reports, please go to:

Driver's Exchange Reports 

Release of Florida Traffic Accident Reports

Per Florida Statute Section 316.066, effective June 5, 2001, accident reports are no longer a public record under the provisions of Florida Statute Section 119.07 for a period of 60 days after the date the report is filed. However, they can be made available immediately to:The parties involved

  • Their legal representatives
  • Their licensed insurance agents
  • Their insurers
  • Persons under contract with such insurer to provide claims or underwriting information
  • Prosecutorial authorities
  • Radio and television stations licensed by the FCC
  • Qualifying newspapers
  • State and Federal Agencies authorized to have access to such reports by any provision of the law

Any person claiming one of the above exemptions will need to submit a Sworn Statement For Traffic Crash ADAand provide valid photo-ID or qualifications when receiving requested report.

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Please be advised that your request would require extensive time and research to provide the video for inspection and/or copying. Redacting any exempt or confidential information will be necessary and will require additional time.

Pursuant to §119.07(4)(d), Florida Statutes, compliance with your request as written will result in a special service charge representing the labor costs actually incurred by this agency for clerical and supervisory assistance attributable to your request.

        A deposit of half of the total estimated redaction cost is required.

The first 20 minutes of labor is free of charge and then a fee will be assessed at $0.44 per minute. On average 30 minutes of video takes approximately 8 hours of redaction. Please note that the fees may increase depending on the amount of time. It will take to actually research and redact the records necessitated by your request. If the deposit amount is exceeded than additional monies will be requested prior to continued redaction of the video. Any extra monies will be refunded to you at the end of the fulfillment of the public record request. Please note that if a deposit is not received within 30 days we will consider your request withdrawn.