City of Sanford Adopt A Road Program

Interested in keeping your block or a road in your Sanford community litter free? Grab a neighbor, friend, relative or coworker and become one of Sanford's Clean Teams! See your team's name proudly displayed on TWO road signs!

Guidelines for adopting a road is as follows:

  • Any local community organization, school group or business group, as well as individuals 18 years of age or older may adopt roadways maintained by the City, subject to an approval process.

  • Participants must execute a hold harmless agreement.

  • Maintain a designated coordinator from the group for all Program activities.

  • Agree to dedicate two years to the program.

  • Agree to adopt a minimum portion of a roadway as designated by the City's Adopt A Road staff.

  • Commitment to clean-up the adopted road four times per year.

  • Participants must schedule and record all of their clean-ups through the City's Adopt A Road staff.

  • The group is responsible for furnishing adult supervision for participants who are 17 and under.

  • Attend an initial instruction and training program relative to their obligation to follow safety practices as well as familiarization with the right-of-way assigned by the City's Adopt A Road staff.

  • Be responsible for signage and safety equipment as provided by the City.

Assemble your team and contact the Public Works Solid Waste Division at 407-688-5089 to coordinate a trash removal site and to provide you with trash bags and safety vests. Be sure to choose a cool team name so we can post it on your road signs ... and brag about you in the Sanford Herald!