18th Street Park

1715 W. 18th St.

Park Amenities:

Open Field Area 


Community Garden

Community Garden 18th St. Park a

Be a Part of Your Community Garden

Nestled into the north end of the 18th Street Park right on 1792, your neighborhood garden is waiting for you. This all organic garden allows Sanford residents to own and work their private plot for one year for a very reasonable price, which is why we are currently at capacity and planning to expand this Spring, so get on the waiting list now. Keeping this price reasonable requires the support of all of you, so we have three different types of memberships available.
Please read more about us, our speaker series, workshops or just to see all the fun we are having at the garden by following the links below:



Facebook: Sanford Community Garden

We are Building a Better Community One Gardener at a Time.

Community Garden