Sanford Utility Manual

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  City of Sanford Utility Manual

These standards and specifications are adopted to establish minimum acceptable standards by the City of Sanford for the design and construction of water and wastewater facilities. Such facilities include potable and raw water mains, reclaimed water mains, gravity sewers, wastewater force mains, wastewater pump stations, and miscellaneous related appurtenances associated with such systems.



10.1 Definitions

11.1 Plans and Specifications
11.2 Water and Wastewater Improvements
11.3 Miscellaneous Water and Wastewater Improvements
11.4 Compliance with other Regulatory Requirements
11.5 Record Drawings
11.6 List of Approved Materials and Products
11.7 Placement of Facilities on City-owned Property
11.8 Easements along Non-City Maintained Rights-of-Way
11.9 Rights-of-Way Corner Clips


20.1 General
20.2 Design Basis
20.3 Design and Construction
20.4 Manholes
20.5 Service and Lateral Connections
20.6 Grease Traps
20.7 Materials, Installation, and Testing
20.8 Location and Identification

SECTION 21 Force Mains (PDF)
21.1 General
21.2 Design Basis
21.3 Design and Construction
21.4 Material, Installation, and Testing
21.5 Location and Identification
21.6 Future Sizing Requirements
21.7 Private Force Main Tie-Ins

SECTION 22 Pump Stations (PDF)
22.1 General
22.2 Design Basis
22.3 Design and Construction
22.4 Emergency Operation
22.5 Private Pump Stations

SECTION 23 Water Main (PDF)
23.1 General
23.2 Design Basis
23.3 Design and Construction
23.4 Water Services and Connections
23.5 Water Metering
23.6 Material, Installation, and Testing
23.7 Location and Identification

SECTION 24 Cross Connection Control (PDF)
24.1 General

SECTION 25 Reclaimed Water System (PDF)
25.1 General
25.2 Evaluation
25.3 Mandatory Connection
25.4 System Separation
25.5 Required Plan Information
25.6 Location and Identification

SECTION 26 Vacuum Sewer System (PDF)
26.1 General


SECTION 30 General (PDF)
30.1 Grades, Survey Lines, and Protection of Monuments
30.2 Utility Coordination
30.3 Maintenance of Traffic and Closing of Streets
30.4 Protection of Public and Property
30.5 Access to the Public Services
30.6 Public Nuisance
30.7 Construction Hours
30.8 Construction in Easements and Rights-of-Way
30.9 Suspension of Work Due to Weather
30.10 Use of Chemicals
30.11 Cooperation with Other Contractors and Forces
30.12 Subsurface Exploration
30.13 Cleaning
30.14 Salvage
30.15 Shop Drawings and Samples

SECTION 31 Site Preparation, Surface Removal, and Restoration (PDF)
31.1 General
31.2 Clearing and Grubbing
31.3 Dust Control
31.4 Surface Removal
31.5 Restoration

SECTION 32 Excavation, Backfill, Compaction, and Grading (PDF)
32.1 General
32.2 Soil Borings and Subsurface Investigations
32.3 Existing Utilities
32.4 Materials
32.5 Sheeting and Bracing in Excavations
32.6 Dewatering, Drainage, and Flotation
32.7 Excavation
32.8 Bedding and Backfill
32.9 Compaction
32.10 Grading
32.11 Maintenance
32.12 Inspection and Quality Assurance

SECTION 33 Boring and Jacking (PDF)
33.1 General
33.2 Pipe Material
33.3 Pipe Handling
33.4 Construction

SECTION 34 Pressure Pipe Restraints (PDF)
34.1 General
34.2 Thrust Block Construction
34.3 Restrained Joint Construction
34.4 Mechanical Restraining Devices

SECTION 35 Pressure Pipe Connections (PDF)
35.1 General
35.2 Tapping Sleeves
35.3 Notification and Connection to Existing Mains
35.4 Installation


SECTION 40 Materials (PDF)
40.1 General
40.2 Pipe Materials
40.3 Joint Materials
40.4 Fittings
40.5 Inspection and Testing

SECTION 41 Pipe Laying, Jointing, and Miscellaneous Construction Details (PDF)
41.1 Survey Line and Grade
41.2 Pipe Preparation and Handling
41.3 Sewer Pipe Laying
41.4 Trench Preparation and Pipe Bedding
41.5 Gravity Pipe and Water Main Separation
41.6 Plugs and Connections
41.7 Pipe Jointing
41.8 Location and Identification

SECTION 42 Manholes (PDF)
42.1 General
42.2 Pre-cast Concrete Sections
42.3 Castings
42.4 Construction
42.5 Cleaning
42.6 Inspection

SECTION 43 Sanitary Sewer Laterals (PDF)
43.1 General
43.2 Materials
43.3 Construction
43.4 Termination of Laterals
43.5 Inspection
43.6 Restoration, Finishing, and Cleanup
43.7 Location

SECTION 44 Testing and Inspection (PDF)
44.1 General
44.2 Testing
44.3 Video Inspection

SECTION 45 Force Mains (PDF)
45.1 General
45.2 Inspection and Testing
45.3 Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe and Fittings
45.4 Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings
45.5 Pipe Handling
45.6 Air and Vacuum Release Valves
45.7 Notification and Connection to Existing Mains
45.8 Plug Valves
45.9 Valve Boxes
45.10 Separation of Force Mains and Water Mains
45.11 Force Main Construction
45.12 Hydrostatic Tests
45.13 Final Cleaning
45.14 Location and Identification

SECTION 46 Wastewater Pump Stations (PDF)
46.1 General
46.2 Wet Well and Valve Vault
46.3 Access Frames and Covers
46.4 Pumps and Controls
46.5 Piping, Valves, and Accessories
46.6 Standby Power Generator System
46.7 Flow Monitoring System
46.8 Chain Link Fencing
46.9 Required Submittals
46.10 Electrical Grounding System
46.11 Inspection and Testing

SECTION 47 Wastewater Pumps and Motors (PDF)
47.1 General
47.2 Pump Construction
47.3 Motors
47.4 Above Ground Pumps and Motors
47.5 Pump Control System
47.6 Shop Painting
47.7 Handling
47.8 Warranty
47.9 Tools

SECTION 48 Pump Station Electrical Power and Controls (PDF)
48.1 General
48.2 Panel Construction
48.3 Power Supply and Main Disconnect
48.4 Circuit Breakers
48.5 Motor Circuit Protectors
48.6 Motor Starter and Selector Switches
48.7 Pump Alternator
48.8 Lights and Alarms
48.9 Emergency Power Receptacle
48.10 Additional Requirements
48.11 Radio Telemetry and Monitoring System
48.12 Testing, Service, and Warranty


SECTION 50 Materials (PDF)
50.1 General
50.2 Inspection and Testing
50.3 Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe and Fittings
50.4 Ductile Iron Pipe and Fittings
50.5 Service Pipe, Stops, Fittings, and Service Saddle

SECTION 51 Installation (PDF)
51.1 General
51.2 Pipe Handling
51.3 Separation of Water Mains and Sewers
51.4 Trench Preparation and Pipe Bedding
51.5 Hydrostatic Tests
51.6 Disinfection of Water Mains
51.7 Notification and Connection to Existing Mains
51.8 Water Service Piping and Connection
51.9 Location and Identification

SECTION 52 Valves, Hydrants, and Accessories (PDF)
52.1 General
52.2 Resilient Seat Gate Valves
52.3 Butterfly Valves
52.4 Valve Installation
52.5 Valve Boxes
52.6 Air Release Valves
52.7 Fire Hydrants

Figure 100 Type A Bedding and Open-Cut Detail
Figure 101 Type B Bedding and Open-Cut Detail
Figure 102 Concrete Arch and Encasement Details
Figure 103A Thrust Block Details
Figure 103B Thrust Block Details 
Figure 104A Restrained Pipe Table (PVC-HDPE)
Figure 104B Restrained Pipe Table (DIP) 
Figure 105 Water Main Thrust Collar Detail
Figure 106 Boring and Jacking Detail 
Figure 107 Valve Box Pad Detail
Figure 108 Pipe Identification - Sewer Force Main and Gravity 
Figure 109 Pipe Identification - Reclaimed Water
Figure 110 Pipe Identification - Potable Water 
Figure 111 Utility Pipe Warning Tape 
Figure 112 Air or Combination Air and Vacuum Release Valve Detail 
Figure 113 Offset Air or Combination Air and Vacuum Release Valve Detail 
Figure 114 Reclaimed Water Irrigation Sign 
Figure 115 Typical Valve Box Cover Details 
Figure 116 Bollard

Figure 200A Typical Manhole
Figure 200B Typical Manhole 
Figure 201 Manhole Connection Details 
Figure 202 Standard Manhole Frame and Cover
Figure 203 Plug Valve and Box Detail
Figure 204 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Detail 
Figure 205 Vacuum Sewer Service Lateral Specifications 
Figure 206 Combined Valve Pit and Tank Arrangement 
Figure 207 Standard Airvac Package

Figure 300 Pump Station Typical Site Plan
Figure 301 Submersible Pump Station Details - Plan, Section, and Notes 
Figure 302 Pump Station - Panel, Schematic, and Site Plan 
Figure 303 Above Ground Pump Station - Plan, Section, and Notes
Figure 304 Chain Link Fence Detail
Figure 305 Private Pump Station Pressure Switch and Signage Details

Figure 400 Gate Valve and Box Detail 
Figure 401 Butterfly Valve and Box Detail 
Figure 402 Fire Hydrant Assembly Detail
Figure 403 Blowoff Valve Detail 
Figure 404 Typical Service Location Detail 
Figure 405 Water Service Connection Detail

Figure 500A Double Check or Reduced Pressure Zone Detector Assembly
Figure 500B Double Check or Reduced Pressure Zone Detector Assembly 
Figure 501 Dual Domestic-Fire Flow and Domestic Master Meter Assembly 
Figure 502 Irrigation Meter Pressure Vacuum Breaker or Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly 
Figure 503 Domestic Meter and Double Check Valve or Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly 
Figure 504A Temporary Jumper Connection 
Figure 504B Temporary Jumper Connection 
Figure 505 Typical Residential Reclaimed Water Irrigation System Layout 
Figure 506 Typical Commercial Reclaimed Water Irrigation System Layout 
Figure 507 Water System Testing and Disinfection

A-1 PVC Line Pressure Test Procedure
A-2 Ductile Iron Line Pressure Test Procedure

B-1 Maintenance Bond (Material and Workmanship)
B-3 Bill of Sale
B-4 Exclusive City Services Easement (Individual)
B-5 Exclusive City Services Easement (Corporate)

C-1 List of Approved Materials and Products

Utility Construction Details  (AutoCAD format)
Utility construction detail #1
Utility construction detail #2
Utility construction detail #3
Utility construction detail #4
Utility construction detail #5
Utility construction detail #6


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