The City’s Pretreatment program main objective is to protect the environment by limiting the amount of potentially toxic pollutants entering the Saint Johns River and biosolids applied on the land. The program also protect the health and safety of workers and sewage treatment plants from upsets by regulating industrial and commercial users that discharge treated wastes into the sewer system. The program focuses on discharge from non-domestic wastewater such as Industries, manufacturers and commercial establishment. Regulatory oversight of industrial sources by approved programs includes formal permitting, compliance monitoring (routine compliance inspections and sampling), and enforcement.

The term "pretreatment" refers to the requirement that non-domestic sources discharging wastewater to publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) control their discharges, and meet limits established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the State of Florida and the City (Control Authority) on the amount of pollutants allowed to be discharged. The control of the pollutants may necessitate treatment prior to discharge to the POTW (therefore the term "pretreatment"). Limits may often be met by the non-domestic source through pollution prevention techniques (product substitution, recycle and reuse of materials, more efficient production practices, improved environmental management systems, etc.), pretreatment of wastewater, or implementation of best management practices. The regulations governing this program could be found under chapter 102 Sections 251 thru 435 of the City Code of Ordinance.

The Oil and Grease Prevention Program regulates food related and auto related facilities to ensure that they properly pretreat their wastewater prior to discharging to the City’s sanitary sewer system.  The Surcharge Program is also enforced under the Oil and Grease Prevention Program.  

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