Mission, Vision & Core Values


Community Relations Enhancement Initiative:

Nine-Point Plan  

Mission, Vision & Core Values


To promote and prevent discrimination by ensuring that all people in the City of Sanford are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities in employment, housing and certain public accommodations; and to promote mutual respect amongst groups through education and collaboration.  


To serve as the foremost resource on community/human relations for the City of Sanford  

Core Values    

  • Every individual is to be treated with dignity and respect     
  • The services provided is impartial and high quality    
  • Communication with the public is open and honest    
  • Everyone – accuser and accused alike – is entitled to fair consideration and equal treatment     
  • Value diversity and inclusion    
  • Value human life, respect the dignity of each individual and render our service with courtesy and civility    
  • Collaborative and cooperative interaction builds consensus and produce meaningful outcomes