Nine Point Plan

  Action Plan for Reuniting the Community

Nine Point Plan

 “One City--- Many Communities”  

1. Request the DOJ Division of Special Litigation and Civil Rights Patterns and Practice Program to conduct an Investigation of the Sanford Police Department’s overall Pattern and Practice for civil rights violations   

2. Explore with the City Commission the creation of a Office of Community Relations and appointment of a Community/Human Relations Commission     

    a)     Establish a formal working relationship with the Florida Commission on Human Relations:   

3. Explore with the City Commission the Creation of a Director of Community/Human Relations staff position to be responsible for follow through, coordination and implementation of the next step action plans.  

4. Explore with the Commission the creation of a “Police-Community Relations Blue Ribbon Panel” to review, assess and suggest strategies to strengthen police community relations. This panel should represent a diverse broad cross section of the community.  

5. Explore with City Commission the Establishment of an Inter-Racial Interfaith Alliance: to concentrate on moving forward and strengthening race relationships in the community:    

    a)     The Alliance will be specifically tasked to suggest a comprehensive program to address the issues of        

  • Bridging Race and Ethnicity issues amongst faith based organizations and the broader community       
  • Explore the need for a Reconciliation process and suggest a model.  

6. Explore with the City Commission the Establishment of Anti-Violence Campaign: Create a Task Force representative of a broad diverse cross section of law enforcement, criminal justice and human services agencies to propose projects and or strategizes to increase the community’s awareness of the impact of violence community stabilization. Also, to suggest best practices for the reduction of violence in Sanford Communities.  

7. Reactivate Sanford Neighborhood Action Partnership (SNAP) : Conduct regular community meetings throughout the City to:    

  • Identify and address neighborhood problems/issues/concerns from a multi-departmental approach with the goal of increasing and enhancing services to all sections of the City; and     
  • Improve relationships and communication between neighbors/residents and City Hall; and    
  • Foster the concept of neighborhood association/neighborhood identity – Neighbors building Neighborhoods  

8. Request the Continued support and assistance of the Department of Justice Community Relations Services.  

9. Increase Youth Training and Employment Opportunities: .Look for partners to collaborate with the City to increase employment opportunities for the youth.            

Nine Point Plan Two Year Progress  Report

Blue Ribbon  Panel Police Dept./Community Relations Assessment Report