Blue Ribbon Panel


One of the initiatives in the “Nine Point Plan” To Reunite the Community and move forward is the creation of a “Police Community Relations Blue Ribbon Panel” representing a diverse broad cross section of the community.

The purpose of the Panel is to conduct an assessment of the Police Department’s strengthens and challenges in general, regarding Police and Community Relations. The Panel is charged with developing a Report that recommends:

Strategies to strengthen relationships with the community based on inclusion, trust and mutual respect for each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Strategies to promote and practice the use of effective communication that crosses racial, cultural, and ethnic barriers.

Strategies to create a shared vision and common commitment to community policing and crime prevention.

The Blue Ribbon Panel will consist of 25 members from the community and the process will be facilitated by the Director of the University of Central Florida's, Center for Law and Policy, Cynthia Schmidt Esq. The Panel is expected to complete its mission in 5-6 months and submit a Report with findings and recommendations to the City Manager.

Sanford Blue Ribbon Panel Police Department/ Community Relations Assessment Report

Sanford Blue Ribbon Panel Police Dept./Community Relations Assessment  12 Month Progress Report

Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting Public Notices
Public Notice Meeting 2.12.13

Meeting Agendas:

Blue Ribbon Panel Jan. 8, 2013 Meeting Agenda

Blue Ribbon Panel December 18, 2012 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes:

Blue Ribbon Panel December 18, 2012  Meeting Minutes